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Meredith & David Wedding | Martha’s Vineyard | Allen Farm

I am refreshed and Meredith and David are the reason. They have this unique and desirable passion and excitement for life that makes you crave more…more adventure, more fun, more love and more emotion. They can go from zero to sixty in only 2 seconds and bring you along the ride. They make even the smallest of moments seem monumental and their enthusiasm for those moments make you feel invincible.

Meredith and David, thank you for taking me along on your ride. I got a taste of you guys during our engagement session, but like I already said, I craved more, so needless to say, I was excited for your wedding. It was SO refreshing to spend the whole day with you and I could not have been more honred to be such a large part of your lives and your wedding day at The Allen Farm Sheep and Wool Company in Martha’s Vineyard.

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