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If you don’t know it by now, you must know that I LOVE to travel. I will pretty much go anywhere. I love exploring new places and meeting new people. My most recent trip was to the beautiful & untouched country of Cambodia. It was my first time in Asia and it did not disappoint. If you have never been before, I highly recommend it!

I decided to join a group of other photographers and asked my dad to tag along. I grew up traveling with my parents and since he is retired now, I thought why not get to experience a new and exciting place together? The photography trip called “The Raddest Photo Trip Ever” was organized by Bobby Earle a well known international wedding. photographer. He brought on two “highlighted artists,” very talented wedding photographers, from the west coast, Nick  & Andria. The laid back, go with the flow vibe was exactly what I was looking for an appreciate when traveling. The group consisted of about 18 photographers from all over the world (mostly the US) who not only love taking pictures but also love life. You can see images I took of Bobby, Nick & Andrea at the end of the post.

When I left Cambodia, I left a piece of my heart behind. Not because of the trip or the photos, but because of the people of Cambodia. I can’t even explain how beautiful, inside and out, each individual is. They have absolutely nothing, live in total poverty and do it all with a smile on their face. They are the kindest culture I have come across to this date and will forever remember the love they showed me.

Below you’ll see a few of my favorite images. We visited ruins of temples, were blessed by monks & nuns at these temples, saw Angkor Wat at sunrise, visited a tiny fishing village located on the largest lake in Asia, played with wild monkeys, met & played with so, so many amazing children, rode tuk tuks and ate a lot! These photos will forever hold a place in my heart. I hope you enjoy!

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