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Caitlin & Jeffery Wedding | Westport, MA

So this wedding meant a lot to me. It was a big deal. Caitlin and I grew up together and she, and her two sisters, Quinn and Teal, were like the sisters I never had. They were my next door neighbors as we were best friends. Since I was the oldest, we parted ways for a bit when I went to college and they moved, but I am so happy they are now back in my life. I couldn’t imagine not seeing Caitlin on her wedding day. She was absolutely stunning. Jeff was beaming, and should be, as this wedding was a long time coming. These two were high school sweethearts and everyone knew they would get married from the moment they met.

Caitlin & Jeff, thank you for having me as a part of your wedding day. It was beyond beautiful and I am so honored you chose me to be your photographer.  You guys are beautiful inside and out and I couldn’t imagine a more perfect couple. I love you guys!

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