Meg & Craig Wedding | Groveland Fairways

They were leaving for Puerto Rico the next day, so Meg rushed upstairs to do laundry and start packing…not her typical come-home-from-work routine. Wanting the proposal to be part of Meg’s everyday routine, Craig was sitting downstairs at the kitchen table waiting for her to do the one thing she always does within the first 10 minutes of getting home… get a glass of water. Unfortunately, that day, of all days, Meg decided to spend two hours upstairs packing and doing laundry . When she finally came downstairs and opened the fridge to get her glass of wanter, she found a Tiffany’s box sitting on top of our water jug and Craig on his knees.

“Craig and I always joke around. If anyone ever watched us on a daily basis they would think we were the strangest couple… but it’s just us, and I love it.” Craig & Meg are weird, together, in a good way. They have fun and are able to be their weird selves together while embracing each other’s unique personalities. I embraced them, why? Because I’m weird too. We all are and I love that we can admit it!

Meg and Craig, thank you so much for your loving natures and weird personalities. Without them, you wouldn’t be you. I feel incredibly lucky to have played a small part in your truly amazing day and I wish you nothing but love, health and happiness in the future.

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  1. Oh my goodness! These are SO beautiful! I have to ask you, what lense did you use for this? Primarily at least? I am looking to purchase a new lense that will improve my work and I would love to know what you use!

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