Diane & Keith Wedding

Diane & Keith’s wedding day was perfect in every way. From their first look to their first dance, they were embraced by the love and excitement of their family and friends. This wedding was a long time in the making as you’ll remember from when I told their love story told on their engagement session post.

Keith and Diane had so much loved surrounding them on their wedding day that they had 5 speeches! One thing in particular that stood out to me was something Keith’s father said. He said, Keith is one of the best men he has ever known and that if he could come back in another life, he would want to come back as Keith. This broke my heart and made it smile all at the same time. I can’t think of why I would be sad in this moment…maybe it was the thought of Keith’s father passing, maybe it was the thought of wanting to be better than who you already are, or maybe it was just such an overwhelming compliment that all my emotions came out at once.  Either way, I hope to be the kind of person that someone thinks or says that about.

Diane & Keith…ever since spending the weekend with you in New York City for your engagement session, I have truly loved every minute of seeing how you care for each other. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to capture your love.

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